The statement on the occasion of the Human Rights Day

10/12/2014 00:45

Dear compatriots, colleagues!

The coming to the end 2014 – one of the most difficult and dramatic year in the history of our state.

We have never to forget Heroes of "Heavenly Hundred" who at the cost of their life turned the course of history and protected democracy, the rights and freedoms of the person, independence and the sovereignty of our state. As we shouldn't leave without appropriate attention the impartial course of investigation of the crimes committed during the Maidan, and passing of fair sentences for guilty of this tragedy after all impunity provokes and generates new crimes.

Illegal occupation by the Russian Federation of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, military invasion in the east of Ukraine could affect also a situation with observance of human rights.

Human rights and war – concepts incompatible, after all war in itself is a cruel violence and gross violation of fundamental human rights.

The latest events in the country created for us a set of new challenges in the sphere of protection of the rights and freedoms of the person. However I am firmly convinced that in common, a uniform community we will be able to overcome all obstacles in a way of development of the free, cathedral, democratic Ukrainian state where freedom, legality and a law and order will be the highest values.

Celebrating the regular anniversary of adoption of the Universal declaration of human rights by the United Nations General Assembly, I want to thank representatives of institutes of civil society, human rights activists, activists, volunteers, all not indifferent citizens, employees of the Office of Ombudsman for tireless work for the benefit of keeping and the affirmation of the sovereignty and defense capability of Ukraine, the rule of law in our state.

Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska