Euromaidan SOS declares "Volunteer award"

17/11/2015 17:13

"Today I will make a good deed and I won't tell anybody about it" is the main vital principle, characteristic for volunteers of different age, sex, origin, religion, occupation. Daily to do good deeds for people whom you don't know but who are part of your country.

For the purpose of drawing attention of society and the whole world to an invaluable contribution of ordinary people who daily do surprising things and change this world to the best, Euromaidan SOS declares the beginning of nominating "Volunteer award" for daily volunteer work or a volunteer act.

If among your native, friends and acquaintances in Ukraine and abroad there are people who are engaged in volunteer activity in various directions, in particular, assistance to our defenders, are engaged in aid to people with disabilities, arrange displaced persons, render legal or humanitarian assistance, work as psychologists with victims of war, keep the information front, care of surrounding environment and do thousands of other things which are necessary for our country, there is an opportunity to note their contribution.

To nominate the person, it is necessary to download and fill in the questionnaire and to send it by e-mail not later 21:00 on November 21, 2015 with a subject of the letter "Volunteer award".

Criteria of promotion of nominees:

- daily volunteer work or act;

- lack of belonging to the leading positions in any of political forces.

Together with the completed questionnaire it is possible to send a photo of nominees.

The list of all nominees will be published for carrying out online vote no later than November 25. Winners in other nominations will be declared by jury which structure will be announced in the next few days. The awards ceremony will be held on November 30, 2015 – in symbolical start date of Revolution of Dignity, as there was start of an initiative SOS Euromaidan as response of thousands of ordinary people to rough actions of the authorities for dispersal of peaceful student's demonstration.

Please apply for additional questions by phone 068 574 73 65 (Iryna) or on the e-mail address

Reference: The first "Volunteer award" Euromaidan SOS was handed on November 30, 2014. It is possible to study the list of last year's winners following the link: