Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska: "The constitution shouldn't be only "the agreement of financial and political elite" concerning rules of the game"

09/07/2015 15:58

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights declared this thesis today, on July 9, 2015, at the first meeting of the Parliamentary and public platform: "The constitutional reform through public dialogue: improvement of the Basic Law in the light of domestic constitutional tradition".

"In the constitutional process the important is an open public dialogue, the maximum attraction to discussion of all public groups. After all the Constitution shouldn't be only "the agreement of financial and political elite" concerning rules of the game. The constitution has to become the real new public agreement. The agreement of all citizens, all social groups how all of us, such different, must live in common and create the future of the state", – Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska is convinced.

Discussing the amendments to the Constitution elaborated by the Constitutional commission presented during panel discussion, the Commissioner for Human Rights emphasized importance of steady observance of the Constitution by both each citizen of Ukraine, and each official, politicians, bodies of local self-government.

"If people don't feel that the Basic Law concerns everyone that it is the real new public agreement in which the reality is objectively reflected and rules of our joint life on the basis of human rights are laid down, even the best Constitution risks to remain only the printing edition of good wishes, interesting exclusively for financial and political groups regarding rules of the division of powers of authority between them", – Ombudsman of Ukraine Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska summarized.

Members of the Constitutional commission, People's Deputies of Ukraine, heads of the supreme judicial authorities, representatives of scientific and expert community, diplomatic corps in Ukraine, representatives of the public and mass media take part in the work of the Parliamentary and public platform.