The Commissioner for Human Rights Ms Liudmyla Denisova checked the observance of the rights of servicemen in the area of the Joint Forces Operation

08/11/2018 20:05

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Ms Liydmyla Denisova, jointly with the Seimas Ombudsman of Lithuania Mr. Augustinas Normantas and the Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine Mr. Marius Janukonis, conducted a monitoring visit to the military unit of the 58th Brigade based in Toretsk.

The command of the military unit safeguards the observance of the rights of the military personnel. They are provided with normal food supplies and clothing. There is also a prayer room at the unit.

Liudmyla Denisova spoke with the servicemen of the unit. They told that the population had a growing level of trust to Ukrainian military. Also, the servicemen noted that they were trying to solve the problems they encountered on their own.

"Now I see how important is this, because when a person does not think about everyday problems, he/she thinks only about the task that the state has set for him/her and what is need to be done. I would wish these men and women to serve in better conditions. But we understand that Toretsk is located on the line of struggle for freedom and independence of our state against the Russian enemy. Therefore, it is almost impossible to provide absolutely comfortable conditions", - said Ombudsman Liudmyla Denisova.

The Commissioner also spoke with the military chaplain Mr. Anatoly Dovgopolyi. She thanked him for the service and help to Ukrainian servicemen.