Studies in "School of the rights of the child" were dedicated to the International Children's Day

01/06/2016 15:30

Everything in life of each person begins with perception of the world by children's eyes. Each child has the unique inner world which is created not by the legislation, but personal attitude. Children will always need special attention and protection from parents and the state. At the same time, it is necessary that each child knew about the rights and was able to protect them.

Holding by the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights of the "School of the rights of the child" became already traditional founded in cooperation with the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine.

Main objective of action is acquaintance of children with provisions of the UN Convention on the rights of the child.

During trainings and quests which will take place on June 2-3, 2016 in the Ukrainian children's center "Young Guard" (Odessa) children from different regions of our state will be able to obtain knowledge of the rights of the child and mechanisms of their protection, will acquaint the international and domestic legislation.

Also holding of meetings with children and briefing with participation of the Representative of the Commissioner for observance of the rights of the child, non-discrimination and gender equality Ms. Aksana Filipishyna and representatives of the OSCE in Ukraine is planned.