Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska: "Elaboration of the National strategy for human rights has to pass in close cooperation with representatives of human rights community"

09/12/2014 00:00

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights declared this thesis during a meeting with the Vice-prime minister, the Minister of Foreign and European affairs of Belgium Mr. Didier Reynders.

During a meeting the prospect of implementation of the Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine –  for 2015-2017 was discussed, in this regard Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska informed of strategic activities of the Office of Ombudsman, among them: issues of anti-discrimination, protection of the rights of ethnic minorities, protection of personal data, access to public information, realization of the national preventive mechanism, elaboration of the draft National strategy for human rights etc.

"In the sphere of protection of personal data we consider as the main thing – to keep balance between protection of personal data and access to public information and the right for pronouncement. For ensuring effective control over access to public information activity of the Office of Ombudsman is directed on making the power more open and transparent, and civil society – more active which has to induce it by its actions to publicity that in turn will promote, not only development of institutes of civil society but also fighting against corruption", – Ms.Valeriya Lutkovska emphasized.

Telling about cooperation of the Office of Ombudsman with institutes of civil society, Ms.Valeriya Lutkovska noted that the chosen format of cooperation with the public "Ombudsman+" confirmed the efficiency during realization of the national preventive mechanism, and also many other initiatives of the Commissioner – within joint with  public proceedings, activity of the Resource center of assistance to displaced persons etc. In this regard necessity of strengthening of cooperation of the state with institutes of civil society, creation of new mechanisms of cooperation and improvement of the available was noted.

Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska noted that now there is an active process of elaboration of the draft National strategy for human rights. Thanks to cooperation with representatives of institutes of civil society during consultations and with assistance of the international organizations basic provisions of Strategy have been already elaborated.

"The public opinion has to be considered as well while elaborating the National strategy for human rights which surely has to be based on the principles of openness and transparency, and, first of all – the mechanism of realization, monitoring and control over its implementation which the public representatives also have to be engaged in. Without that, in my opinion, Strategy will become the next declarative document which contains obligations and recommendations which really don't work. Besides actually Strategy, we also have to articulate accurately procedure of its implementation and approve the accurate Action Plan for its fulfillment, – Ms.Valeriya Lutkovska noted.

During a meeting the Commissioner for Human Rights also noted necessity of carrying out the constitutional reform and ratification of the Rome Statute, after all this step is important both for the country in general, and in an issue of ensuring high-quality investigation of the crimes committed during the events occurring in Ukraine within November, 2013 – February, 2014. One more important task, according to the Ombudsman of Ukraine, is an improvement of a situation with a state of fulfillment of decisions of the European Court of Human Rights and national courts.