Military units, and also subdivisions of Armed Forces of Ukraine and National guard located near Mariupol aren't completely ready to winter

17/11/2015 17:17

It was shown by the monitoring which is carried out by representatives of the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights who carried out monitoring visit to military units and subdivisions of Armed Forces of Ukraine and National guard located on the line of demarcation in regions adjacent to Mariupol City of Donetsk Region.

Monitoring visit was held on November 10-12, 2015 within implementation of civil control of observance of social and economic and humanitarian rights of the military personnel, a state of preparation of placements of staff for winter, and also appropriate providing of the military personnel who take part in anti-terrorist operation.

The monitors who visited the 61st mobile hospital, separate subdivisions of the 72nd mechanized crew and the 56th motor-infantry brigade of Armed Forces of Ukraine were convinced that in conditions of both field, and stationary placement for staff the acceptable living conditions were created. Field arrangements are warmed, equipped with wood and provided with fuel. Conditions for cooking and bath-and-laundry service are created. Complaints concerning violation of sanitary conditions from the military personnel were not received.

At the same time, monitoring revealed that inpatients of mobile hospital aren't provided with hospital clothes and footwear, the bed linen and towels in due time aren't replaced, they have a worn-out look.

Providing the military personnel with winter clothes isn't complete. In particular, it is established that not all military personnel of the 72nd crew were given out the warmed jackets and trousers.

Causes concern and that fact that by the end of autumn the staff of divisions of the same crew located in the field on the first line of defense clothing for protection against a rain ("raincoats") wasn't given out to them.

During visit of a medical aid station of the 56th crew of a state of medical care of the military personnel were recognized in general accepted, however from health workers complaints to the insufficient level of providing with modern medicines, in particular for treatment of diseases of upper airways were received.

The facts of untimely payment of cash security aren't established. However because of the low level of cash security the mobilized military personnel has no motivation according to the conclusion of contracts for further passing of military service (the average size with all extra charges and awards at the serviceman of the forward line of defense is 6000-7000 UAH; while at the police officer who serves in the regional center, – 8000-10000 UAH).

Visit of two fortified centers of the second line of defense where the military personnel of military unit 3026  (National guard) serves made ambiguous impression.

Though stay of staff in the strengthened ferroconcrete bunkers provides more or less acceptable and safe conditions for life and welfare, however also a number of scandalous shortcomings was fixed.

So, in one of the visited objects bottled drinking water was brought only on the eve of arrival of monitoring group of the Secretariat of the Commissioner. Before, according to the military personnel, drinking water wasn't delivered within several months. Cooking and ensuring sanitary and hygienic needs was carried out by means of technical water, including from nearby reservoirs, and also the water acquired for own means.

Quality of food, especially vegetables which were brought to these fortified centers, was enough low. Delivery of bread is carried out once a week because of what the military personnel consumes stale bread. Therefore the military personnel is compelled to buy in addition products in the next settlements for own means.

The winter clothes of national guardsmen in the majority have a worn-out appearance. Fighters buy separate articles of clothing independently (gumboots, warm linen and footwear).

Upon results of monitoring visit the relevant acts of reacting of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights will be prepared.