Ombudsmen from 20 countries of the world met in Kiev for discussion of a role of their offices in conflict and post-conflict situations

21/10/2015 10:58

The international conference "The Role of National Institutions for Human Rights in Conflict and Post-conflict Situations" assembled in Kyiv heads of NHRIs of 20 countries of the world, and also representatives of the leading international organizations in the field of human rights in Kiev in order to exchange experience, problems, learned lessons concerning NHRIs role in suffered from the conflict and unstable regions.

In the welcome speech the Ombudsman of Ukraine Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska noted: "Now there is no international standard how the NHRI has to work with in conflict situations as well as there is no universal method how to work in order to avoid mistakes or errors. Therefore we met today to share both positive and negative experience for the purpose of ensuring more effective response to challenges in the field of human rights".

Having thanked Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska for an initiative of holding mentioned conference, the UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine Mr. Neal Walker noted: "When government agencies violate the rights of people, citizens stop trusting them that creates a tense atmosphere in society. As NHRIs aren't usually considered as government structures, they as mechanisms, which are independent of the state, can play an important role in conflict prevention and ensuring observance of human rights".

 In turn, the Ambassador of Denmark in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia Mr. Christian Dons Christensen noted that human rights is a challenge for all mankind therefore NHRIs have to be the most effective and independent, actively work to ensure respect and domination of human rights, irrespective of that situation which develops in the state.

The Chief Americas, Europe & Central Asia Branch Field Operations and Technical Cooperation Division of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Mr. Gianni Magazzeni also congratulated participants of the conference.

"If there is a conflict situation, NHRIs have to confirm the mandate – to be independent. For this purpose it is necessary to understand various positions of participants of the conflict, to elaborate flexible strategy of response to new challenges and to promote search of solutions of a conflict situation, and also to remember support of the international community", – noted in the video statement of Mr. Gianni Magazzeni.

The main task of the conference is determined as elaboration of practical recommendations concerning a role of national human rights institutions in conflict and unstable conditions which will accurately explain how to react to new challenges.