Statement of the Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights of Ukraine of Volodymyr Balukh

18/09/2018 11:55

I have specified information about Volodymyr Balukh. I had no doubts that he was beaten, and now this fact has been confirmed by his advocate.

I addition to the pain in the area of kidneys, liver and a head, the heartache appeared. Sometimes the pain is so piercing that it causes vomiting reflexes. The doctors have not examined Volodymyr yet, despite 5 days have already passed. Yes, exactly 5 days. On 13th of September, Volodymyr was tortured.

I have found out another reason of beating: Mr. Balukh told his lawyer about the state of his health, about the attitude towards him in the detention center, about lost hopes and lack of expectations.

After the act of physical massacre, the cowards from the detention center have put the already weak Ukrainian in front of the video camera and forced him to say that he was doing well, his health was satisfactory, he was placed in excellent conditions and he was treated good.

I emphasize: this is a performance. That is why I want to hear all the truth only from the Volodymyr Balukh.

Now Volodymyr Balukh feels anxious: he asked a notary to come and visit him. Like Mr. Sentsov, he will write testament in case of death.

He feels that the threats of massacre will not remain only threats, and he might not reach the colony.

So I have very two real and specific demands before the Ombudman of Russia:

  1. Immediately to provide him with qualified medical assistance.

  2. Allow me to visit the Ukrainian political prisoner.

Once again, I confirm my readiness to accompany Ms. Tatiana Moskalkova during a visit to Mr. Kyryl Vyshynsky, who is being detained in the Kherson detention center.

Looking forward to receiving your reply.