Mr. Yuriy Bielousov: "The main reason of danger for persons who are in places of detention in the East of Ukraine – self-removal of the leadership of bodies of the central executive power"

13/05/2015 14:07

The Representative of the Commissioner – the head of Department for realization of the national preventive mechanism focused attention on this issues of participants of a briefing "Places of detention in the anti-terrorist operation zone: problems of evacuation and safety of people in front-line Mariupol" which was held in the Crisis media center.

He informed that for the purpose of studying of problems of the people who are under the care of the state in establishments of the social and medical sphere, and also in corrective prisons and  centers of Mariupol City, monitors of the national preventive mechanism visited specialized schools for children with various disorders, boarding houses for veterans of war and work, the Mariupol corrective center, the Azov corrective prison, Donetsk boundary group, Oktiabrskyi district court, lunatic district asylum No. 7 and other establishments in Mariupol City.

Mr. Yuriy Bielousov reminded participants of a briefing that else in June, 2014, despite the hardest situation in Donbass which caused special concern, the Commissioner for Human Rights Ms.Valeriya Lutkovska applied to the Prime minister of Ukraine Mr. Arseniy Yatsenyuk concerning a situation with ensuring activity of healthcare institutions and social protection of the population for vulnerable categories – children, elderly people and people with disabilities who are in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

 "Ensuring the rights of pupils and wards completely depends on uninterrupted deliveries of food and medicines, timely rendering of health care. Considering the armed opposition in Donbass, road blocking, widespread of cases of marauding and occupation of premises, there was a direct threat for life and health of pupils and wards", – it was said  in the letter of Ms.Valeriya Lutkovska.

"Unfortunately, analyzing a present situation in the East of Ukraine, the existing problems of stay and evacuation of people from places of detention of the front-line city which Mariupol is now, we are compelled to state a certain misunderstanding by heads of the ministries and departments of the responsibility for stay and evacuation of these people who are under the care of the state in establishments of the social and medical sphere, and also corrective prisons and the centers", – the Representative of the Commissioner emphasized.

He noted also that at the beginning of the current year Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska was again compelled to address to the Prime minister of Ukraine. Proceeding from a situation of that time, new challenges were transformed by the Commissioner in new requirements.

"They consisted in that budgetary funds for the maintenance of social and medical institutions of Donetsk and Lugansk were redistributed in such manner that these means will be received  by bodies of local government of those regions and territories where these establishments are evacuated. Also upon request of the Commissioner, the ministries of social policy and health conducted research of existence of places in the relevant institutions of safe regions for movement of the persons who are under the care of the state and provided such information in all region state administrations. Thanks to such initiatives of the Commissioner, the considerable part of people from places of detention was evacuated from dangerous territories to the safe. Unfortunately, any actions for evacuation of penitentiary institutions didn't happen", – Mr.Yuriy Bielousov noted.