Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights "IDPs - is not a problem and not a burden, and the reverse, driving force of the country"

05/12/2014 15:35

Today, on December 5, 2014, II All-Ukrainian Forum of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from the Crimea and East of Ukraine began its work which is dedicated to the International Day of volunteers and organized by the NGO "Crimean Diaspora" in cooperation with the Office of the Ombudsman of Ukraine with the support of international organizations and civil initiatives of internally displaced persons.

The purpose of the Forum – promotion of solution of the social adaptation and integration of IDPs through improving the efficiency of civil society institutions, central executive authorities and bodies of local self-government through the exchange of experience, training and coordination of efforts.

During the Forum under the relevant thematic sections the issue of housing, preparation for winter of places of compact settlement for IDPs, protection of rights and freedoms, employment and entrepreneurship, health, social and psychological support, protection children's rights, education and culture will be discussed.

Delivering a speech at the opening of the Forum, the Representative of the Ombudsman Mr. Mykhailo Chaplyga noted that nowadays internally displaced persons need assistance of government in its infancy - they need money to meet their basic needs, such as the purchase of food and medicine, but the task of the state - change its attitude towards such people it is necessary not to be limited by addressing urgent basic needs of these people, but to create an environment in which every able-bodied immigrant can fully realize their full potential.

"IDPs - is not a problem and not a burden, and the reverse the driving force of the country. And our common task is to assist the country to understand this fact and help to change the paradigm of perception, to propose together options of such legal regulation that will fully realize the creative, scientific and cultural potential of those who in these difficult circumstances, have to start all over again, "- Mr. Mykhailo Chaplyga said delivering a speech.

According to the Representative of the Commissioner, together with public initiatives and associations, internally displaced persons, together with international organizations on the basis of the Office of the Ombudsman in the framework of the ResourceCenter daily assist other immigrants, looking for jobs, create new jobs.

"Together with our Office experts internally displaced persons analyze existing legislation and draft the laws and legal acts. The ResourceCenter created by the Ombudsman allows these people who got themselves in difficult life circumstances to help those who faced problems after the illegal occupation of Crimea and carrying out of ATO in the East of Ukraine. Last week, our office has announced a competition for vacancies. Currently, several dozen internally displaced persons applied for the competition. We, for our part, we hope that many of them will be with us to protect human rights "- the Representative of the Ombudsman emphasized.

Host of event following results of this Forum will plan to elaborate practical recommendations for social adaptation and integration of IDPs in the local community, draw attention of authorities to the actual problems of IDPs, improve the quality of work of civil organizations and volunteers with IDPs, establish a mechanism for coordinating efforts to work with IDPs, to analyze current situation of the IDPs and the level of preparation for winter, and adopt a strategy and a joint action plan for 2015.

Internally displaced persons and coordinators of places of their compact residence, activists of NGOs and international organizations, human rights activists and volunteers, government agencies and local self-government, deputies of Ukraine, experts and journalists take part in the Forum.