Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska: "Now practically there are no places of detention daring not to open a door to public monitors"

11/11/2015 12:34


The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights noted that at a press conference "What occurs in places of detention in Ukraine?" on the occasion of the third anniversary of activity of the national preventive mechanism.

"Heads of such places of detention who refuse to admit in the establishments employees of the Secretariat of the Commissioner and the NPM public monitors, are brought to administrative responsibility that also already existing jurisprudence confirms. And undoubtedly it is one of positives of three years' activity of NPM", – Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska told.

On her belief, one more positive in activity of the national preventive mechanism is the system how it works – "Ombudsman plus", that is "Ombudsman plus the public".

"Participation of representatives of public organizations in implementation of monitoring visits to places of detention, on the one hand, increases trust to results of such visits, on another hand – allows to influence much more effectively on improvement of a state of observance of human rights in places of detention", –  the Commissioner for Human Rights emphasized.

That it was succeeded to make for three years of activity of NPM and that is else ahead, the Representative of the Commissioner for realization of the national preventive mechanism Mr. Yuriy Bielousov informed journalists of.

The director of the Program initiative "Human rights and justice" IF "Renaissance" Mr. Roman Romanov shared experience of participation of representatives of the public in implementation of monitoring visits and told about what violations are most often fixed by monitoring groups in places of detention.