The state is strong only when residing in it families feel protected and secured

16/05/2018 12:20

On the International Day of Families on 15.05.2018 the Representative of the Commissioner for observance of the rights of the child, non-discrimination and gender equality Ms Aksana Filipishyna met Ischuk family, which forms the family based care home in which 8 children – three boys and five girls are being.

A single mother continued to build family relations with the children after the death of her husband: she created appropriate living, development and education conditions for children. All the children have separate beds, wardrobes, personal belongings, desks, books, a computer etc.

 All children are either graduates or students of the secondary school No. 168. They give a positive feedback about the quality of education, relationships with the teachers and the general atmosphere at school.

The mother is really good at cooking and she teaches her kids to take care of themselves. Children enthusiastically talk about their trips to the country house, where they plant vegetables and garden crops. Usually the family stocks up to 300 cans of conservation for winter.

It becomes evident that all kids have formed life skills to take care of themselves.

Those children were placed to the family at different times and at different ages. However, all children say that can’t imagine themselves outside the family, especially in the orphanage.

Every year the family rests in the Kherson region near the sea. The mother usually books the chalet in advance.

The Obolon district state administration has allocated 2 apartments for the family based care home equipped with modern furniture (4-and 3-room) with a total area of 220 sq. m. Material aid from the state is received on a regular basis and without delays.

However, in order to allocate money rationally, mother buys products only on the wholesale market, because they cannot afford products from supermarkets.

Each year there are difficulties with the purchase of travel tickets. Discounts for intercity travels for big families were cancelled 2 years ago.