Statement of the Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights of Ukraine Lyudmyla Denisova on the beating of Volodymyr Balukh

15/09/2018 15:05

Illegal detention, starvation, and now also torture.

Yesterday the Ukrainian political prisoner, Volodymyr Balukh, was brutally beaten and threatened with massacre: "to throw" into the "pit". Everybody remembers what. For a pro-Ukrainian stand. At the blue-yellow flag on the house. Freedom and thirst for freedom.

The ombudsman in the Russian Federation assured me: every centimeter of the remand center is under constant video surveillance. Baluch allegedly provoked the conflict himself. Tatyana Moskalkova says he should have been punished. They did not do it only "considering his condition".

But I know the truth. He was taken out of the camera, away from video surveillance, and tried to put it on his knees. He spat in the face of the supervisors but did not break it. For disobedience, the executioners dropped a Ukrainian on the floor, clad clips, beaten on the head, liver, and was intimidated.

At this time, the "neighbors" of Balukh were removed from the cell. When they were mocked over it, other prisoners did their utmost to show exemplary conditions of detention to the world. In Russia, play a performance for Ukraine.

Soon Volodymyr Balukh stepped in. I am sure that the appeals complaint will be rejected by the occupation and the most unfair trial in the world. Not only the colony is terrible, but the way to it. "Lose" on the road and nobody will see him anymore. No relatives, no friends, no acquaintances, nor those who have been cheering for him for almost 2 years.

At my request to visit Volodymyr Balukh and Kirill Vyshinsky on a synchrony basis, Tatyana Moskalkova assured that he applied for permission to all involved bodies. I'm waiting, but I understand: only Putin can make such a decision.

So, I demand to immediately allow me to Volodymyr Balukh! At any moment, I'm ready to go to him!