Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska: "We will continue our cooperation with the Russian Ombudsman under the terms of reciprocity"

10/01/2017 16:15

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights noted that, commenting on an issue of further actions in connection with receipt of the letter from the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Ms. Tatyana Moskalkova with a request to render assistance in provision of medical care for Mr. Maxim Odintsov who is in the Mykolayiv pre-trial detention center.

"We discussed this issue at the end of December during two stage joint visit to the Simferopol and Mykolayiv pre-trial detention centers. I confirm made representations earlier that I will undertake all possible measures within my competence for ensuring his right to necessary medical care. So, in particular, X-ray is already made for him, and by the end of the week consultation with the traumatologist from system of the Ministry of Health is planned. In turn, I signed the application in it I asked Ms.Tatyana Nikolaevna within her competence as much as possible to promote transfer of Mr. Stanislav Klykh in the organization located as it is possible closer to border with Ukraine, and also to assist in locating of Mr. Mykola Karpyuk as since the beginning of his convoy there is no still information concerning this issue", – Ms.Valeriya Lutkovska informed.

Also the Commissioner for Human Rights Ms.Valeriya Lutkovska positively evaluated steps undertaken by the Russian party for transferring to Ukraine of Ukrainian citizens who were condemned by Ukrainian courts till 2014 and serve sentence in temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

"I hope, in the nearest future nevertheless there will be a movement of the Ukrainian citizens to the mainland of Ukraine, we work at this issue quite long time, and we already enter the home stretch. Besides, realizing necessity for carrying out permanent monitoring of observance of rights of citizens in the territory of a neighboring state, being guided exclusively by the principle of rule of law, we continue to work at the organization of the next visit, as well as in the previous time, under the terms of reciprocity", – Ms.Valeriya Lutkovska emphasized.