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Friday, 02 September, 15:45, 2016

Kyiv pre-trial detention center: new facts of human rights violations

Despite constant attention from the public to activity of the Kyiv pre-trial detention center, results of a visit to this establishment which was held on August 26 this year with the assistance of employees of Department for realization of the national preventive mechanism of the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, representatives of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine and public monitors, testify numerous violations of rights of prisoners.

Friday, 02 September, 15:00, 2016

NPM monitors: "Illegal cages in the subway have to be immediately dismantled"

Today monitors of the national preventive mechanism informed of it during the press conference in the Crisis media center.

Friday, 02 September, 14:30, 2016

The Prime minister of Ukraine entrusted Ministry of social policy and Ministry of Justice to go into issues which are raised in submission of the Commissioner of receiving privileges for payment of housing and communal services

As it was informed earlier, the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska made a submission to the Prime minister of Ukraine concerning ensuring the rights of some categories of the population for receiving privileges concerning payment for housing and communal services.

Friday, 02 September, 14:00, 2016

The issue of providing with medical drugs sick children with rare (orphan) diseases remains unresolved

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights carries out continuous monitoring of a state of observance of rights of children having incurable genetic rare diseases (a phenyiketonuria, mucoviscidosis, Hurler disease, bullous epidermolysis, chronic (children's) granulomatosis, Gaucher disease etc.). As results of monitoring testify, such children are almost deprived of an opportunity in due time to receive necessary medical care.

Friday, 02 September, 10:15, 2016

Following submissions of the Commissioner the rights of the former employees of militia from among women for receiving immediate annuity

The citizen L., the former employee of militia dismissed from law-enforcement bodies in connection with their elimination, applied to the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights concerning protection of her right for receiving immediate annuity.

Friday, 02 September, 09:15, 2016

Because of inaction of state authorities the family with three children on the line of demarcation was deprived more than two years of social protection and support

The Representative of the Commissioner for observance of rights of the child, non-discrimination and gender equality Ms. Aksana Filipishyna applied to the deputy Minister of social policy of Ukraine for European integration Mr. Sergiy Ustymenko with requirement to undertake measures urgently for identification of families where the orphan children and children deprived of parental guardianship are raised who are on the line of demarcation, and to ensure their social protection.