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Thursday, 11 December, 12:00, 2014

Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska: "I hope that assessment mission of international experts will become the catalyst of intensification of legal registration of cooperation between Ukraine and Europol"

The Commissioner for Human Rights declared it upon results of a meeting with Europol's experts who arrived in Kiev for an assessment of state of protection of personal data in Ukraine.

Thursday, 11 December, 00:15, 2014

Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska applied to the Prime minister of Ukraine with submission of protection of the rights of the persons who remained to live in a zone of the anti-terrorist operation

In submission numerous applies to the Commissioner for Human Rights from elderly people, pensioners, persons with disability and other socially unprotected categories of citizens of Ukraine are noted, who, because of physical or financial position, have no opportunity to leave uncontrollable by Ukraine of territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, concerning protection of their constitutional rights in the mentioned conditions.

Wednesday, 10 December, 00:45, 2014

The statement on the occasion of the Human Rights Day

Dear compatriots, colleagues! The coming to the end 2014 – one of the most difficult and dramatic year in the history of our state.

Tuesday, 09 December, 00:45, 2014

The Memorandum of interaction, partnership, cooperation on the rights of people with disabilities in Ukraine was signed

Today, on December 9, 2014, in the Secretariat of the Commissioner for Human Rights the round table "Interaction, partnership, cooperation concerning the rights of disabled people in Ukraine, and European integration of people with disabilities" was held. This event was held at the initiative of public organization "All-Ukrainian Parliament of Able-bodied Disabled People".

Tuesday, 09 December, 00:00, 2014

Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska: "Elaboration of the National strategy for human rights has to pass in close cooperation with representatives of human rights community"

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights declared this thesis during a meeting with the Vice-prime minister, the Minister of Foreign and European affairs of Belgium Mr. Didier Reynders.

Friday, 05 December, 15:35, 2014

Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights "IDPs - is not a problem and not a burden, and the reverse, driving force of the country"

Today, on December 5, 2014, II All-Ukrainian Forum of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from the Crimea and East of Ukraine began its work which is dedicated to the International Day of volunteers and organized by the NGO "Crimean Diaspora" in cooperation with the Office of the Ombudsman of Ukraine with the support of international organizations and civil initiatives of internally displaced persons.