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Monday, 29 December, 15:51, 2014

Human rights activists urge to fill the stand by legal information

On December 26, 2014 members of the Association of Ukrainian Human Rights Monitors set a stand of legal information in the lobby of the Office of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.

Thursday, 25 December, 15:30, 2014

The adoption of "budget package" of draft laws will lead to a number of violations of constitutional rights

Representatives of the Office of the Ombudsman are convinced, who in the past two days have processed more than 40 government draft laws related to the preparation of the State Budget of Ukraine for 2015.

Wednesday, 24 December, 16:00, 2014

It is necessary to engage Office of the Ombudsman in creation of the Unified information system of assessment of needs of internally displaced persons

The Representative of Commissioner for socio-economic and humanitarian rights Ms. Tatiana Kolotilova declared this thesis at the round table "Solution of problems of management of information systems in the registration of internally displaced persons".

Tuesday, 23 December, 15:21, 2014

Human rights: results for the year, new challenges for Ukraine and Chernihiv Region

This topic was the theme of the round table which was held in the Chernihiv discussion club "Expert opinion".

Tuesday, 23 December, 15:19, 2014

Presentation of the strategic directions of activity of the Office of Ombudsman for 2015 was held

"I want to thank all the representatives of international organizations and civil society institutions for their active cooperation with the Office of Ombudsman, because of that we manage to implement all the tasks that we face," - the Commissioner for Human Rights Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska noted opening a presentation of the strategic directions of the Office of Ombudsman for 2015.

Tuesday, 23 December, 15:16, 2014

Monitoring of observance by court of procedural rights of the applicants – basic function of participation of Ombudsman in criminal proceedings

The Head of Department of observance of procedural law of the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Ms. Olena Ostrovska noted this fact, delivering a speech at the fourth winter forum of the Bar Association of Ukraine on Criminal Law and Procedure.