Advisory Council


On May 23, 2012 during a working meeting with representatives of civil society organizations the Ombudsman initiated establishment of an Advisory Council under the Commissioner for Human Rights:

– On 7 June there was established a working group made up of 7 people to form the Advisory Council chaired by the well-known human rights activist Mr. Yevhen Zakharov, who also ran for the office of the Ombudsman;

– representatives of civil society organizations provided the working group with proposals on the composition of the Council (in total there were submitted 65 applications with recommendations on 71 persons);

– the first meeting of the working group took place on 13 June. There was approved the procedure of selection of the Council’s members and were discussed the proposals concerning the Regulation on and the Rules of the Advisory Council;

– On 3 July the working group established and approved the composition of the first advisory and consultative body under the Commissioner;

– On 10 July Ms. Valeria Lutkovska signed the order on establishment of the Advisory Council. Its composition which had been suggested by the working group in number of 28 persons was approved without changes. Also there was approved the Regulation on the Advisory Council.

– The Co-chairman of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group and the Head of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union Mr. Yevhen Zakharov was elected Co-chairman of the Council. Ms. Valeria Lutkovska became the second Co-chairman of the Advisory Council.

On June 18, 2012 the representative of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group during a working meeting suggested to establish the Monitoring Committee within the Advisory Council and to involve all interested public and trade union organizations to its activities.
Ms. Valeria Lutkovska supported the initiative and noted that continuous public monitoring of the Ombudsman’s activities will permit not only to eliminate the identified problems in time, but also to prevent their occurrence.

The Advisory Council approved the directions of its activities and established six expert groups:

1. on access to public information and protection of personal data;

2. on implementation of the national preventive mechanism;

3. on observance of social, economic and humanitarian rights;

4. on observance of the rights of child, non-discrimination and gender equality;

5. on monitoring of activities of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights;

6. on rapid legal response.


On March 19, 2013 the members of the Advisory Council approved the report and recommendations of the expert group on monitoring of the activities of the Commissioner for 2012. Full text of the report was posted on the official website of the Commissioner in the section «Access to public information»


Regulation on the Advisory Council under the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights


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