Ms. Valeria Lutkovska: ʽA key goal for me is to bring activities of our Office in line with European standards to the greatest possible extentʼ

28/09/2017 13:45

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights emphasized this during a round table dedicated to presentation of recommendations on how to strengthen capacity of the Ukrainian Ombudsmanʼs institution, drafted by European experts in the framework of the Twinning Project.

The recommendations reflect general legal issues for setting or improving, if necessary, coherent and comprehensive framework aimed at legal regulation of the Ombudsman’s activities. The recommendations provide for specific proposals on how to amend Ukrainian legislation on the Ombudsman in order to bring it in line with European standards.

ʽAmong the recommendations I would point out a proposal to adopt a Code of Good Administration Behavior which could contain provisions on practical steps aimed at improvement of efficiency, transparency and accountability of the Ukrainian authorities,ʼ – Ms. Valeria Lutkovska specified.

Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine Mr. Hugues Mingarelli declared at the round table that the EU will follow closely the process of the Commissioner’s elections.

ʽOf course, we will follow the election process of the Ukrainian Ombudsman and the process of appointing officials of this Office in particular. We hope that the Ombudsman will be a person who would combine relevant experience, skills and competences, – Mr. Hugues Mingarelli said.

The EU Ambassador also mentioned that the Office of the Commissioner can rely on the EU support in implementation of European experts’ recommendations on reform of the institution.

Besides, yesterday, on September 27 the mentioned recommendations were presented to members of the Advisory Council under the Commissioner for Human Rights and Expert Councils under the Representatives of the Commissioner.

It is to be recalled that recommendations were drafted in the framework of the EU Twinning Project ʽImplementation of the European Standards with the aim of strengthening the institutional capacity of the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights to protect human rights and fundamental freedomsʼ. Its implementation started in the beginning of 2017.

Joint Ukrainian-Lithuanian-Austrian Project is aimed at strengthening the capacity of the Ukrainian Ombudsman’s Office by improving national legislation in the field of human rights in particular.