Access to treatment of HIV in Ukrainian prisons is possible thanks to cooperation of NPM and activists of PLH

21/07/2016 10:00

The monitor of the national preventive mechanism, the specialist of division of an advocacy of ACO "All-Ukrainian Network of the People Living with HIV (PLH)" Mr. Olexander Gatiyatullin informed of it during the 21st international conference on HIV/AIDS (AIDS 2016) which is held from July 17 till July 22, 2016 inDurban (South Africa). The mentioned event is dedicated to discussion of recent trends of epidemic in the world and search of its overcoming.

"This conference – very important event among HIV activists of the whole world. I am glad that I have the honor to present experience and achievements of domestic NPM in ensuring access to treatment in prisons of Ukraine. It is a unique opportunity to share the practices with activists of other countries concerning opportunities which are given by interaction between Ombudsman and the public", – the NPM monitor Mr. Olexander Gatiyatullin is convinced.

According to him, systemic monitoring which is carried out by employees of Office of Ombudsman and public monitors allows to react and correct local problems quickly. So, for example, it was succeeded to resume treatment after discontinuing at stage of investigation in the Odessa pre-trial detention center or to stop delivery of expired drugs in autumn of 2015 in a colony No. 21 of the Dnipropetrovsk Region. And thanks to reaction from Ombudsman and activity of the PLH Network it is possible to overcome gradually and the reasons of systemic problems with availability of treatment, in particular, insufficiency and nonprofessionalism of personnel.

"We managed to find the systemic shortcomings influencing coverage by testing for HIV and availability of treatment for people with HIV who are in establishments of execution of punishments of Ukraine. So, only about 50% of prisoners are covered by anti-retrovirus therapy today. Drugs are purchased at the expense of Global Fund, and in case of the financing termination – more than 2000 prisoners will be left without vital treatment", – Mr. Olexander Gatiyatullin noted during the presentation.