Ms.Valeriya Lutkovska: "Conducting of passportization of regions concerning observance of human rights in regions – important aspect of decentralization of the power"

23/12/2016 14:00

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights expressed such belief during the presentation of a joint initiative of the Ukrainian Helsinki union of human rights (UHUHR) and Ombudsman's Office "Human rights passportization of regions".

"Unfortunately, in our society the wrong stereotype was developed that only the central executive bodies bear responsibility for observance of human rights in the state. Therefore one of the main objectives in implementation of this pilot project – transfer of functions of monitoring of observance of human rights in regions to bodies of local self-government", – Ms.Valeriya Lutkovska emphasized.

In turn, the chief executive of UHUHR Mr.Arkadiy Bushchenko noted that the important first steps in implementation of an initiative of passportization is a creation of a certain evaluation platform, elaboration of methodology and indicators of assessment of the state of affairs with observance of human rights in regions with the subsequent involvement to this work of local communities and local human rights activists.

"Adjustment of a constructive cooperation with regional authorities in distribution of positive practices of observance of human rights at the local level shall be the following step", – Mr.Arkadiy Bushchenko is convinced.

At the presentation the example of passportization of the Cherkassy Region was cited within it actions of the power of 3 cities of the region were analyzed. It turned out that at primary stages bodies of local self-government aren't ready to carry out monitoring because of concerns of search of shortcomings in work. Only additional explanations allowed to obtain information from required spheres.

In the nearest future the initiative will be developed by improvement of tools of monitoring and systemacity and visual presentation of its results; finishing of interaction of participants of monitoring and expansion of a circle of monitoring visits and response following their results. Also UHUHR foresees strengthening of factors of formation of public monitors and public discussion of this process.