Supply of subdivisions of fighters of anti-terrorist operation near Toretsk and Troitsk is carried out according to the established regulations

12/10/2016 17:30

The Representative of the Commissioner for protection of the rights of the military personnel Mr. Stanislav Stetsenko, who at the request of Ms.Valeriya Lutkovska, since October 10th, 2016, carries out a long monitoring visit to the anti-terrorist operation zone, informed of it.

Today Mr. Stanislav Stetsenko visited headquarters of anti-terrorist operation and subdivision of our troops in the mentioned area.

During monitoring the state of food, ware, medical and financial provision of military units, and also living conditions of staff on operating site and in regions of an arrangement were examined.

After communication with commanders of crews and the military personnel at defensive post the Representative of the Commissioner was convinced that supply of staff is carried out according to the established regulations.

At the same time, a number of system problems which are typical for all units and subdivisions in the anti-terrorist operation zone was revealed and need the corresponding reaction both from the Government, and settlement at the legislative level.

Following results of a monitoring visit the relevant acts of response of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights will be prepared.