Representative of the Ombudsman: "It is inadmissible to induce to discrimination and violence against participants of Equality March"

05/06/2015 05:00

Some days before Equality March– a human rights peaceful march in support of idea of observance of human rights irrespective of sexual orientation, gender identity or any other signs which holding is planned in June 6 in Kyiv, the degree of public discussion around this action reached extraordinary height and got menacing tonalities.

It is known that a number of the far-right organizations and People's Deputies of Ukraine made statements which can be regarded as open threats of use of a physical abuse for prevention of realization by participants of March of the right for freedom of peaceful assemblies and expression of opinions.

"The General Staff of Armed forces of Ukraine also joined this circle of threats its representatives informed of probability of a meeting of participants of March on a place of its holding by representatives of military registration and enlistment offices for handing of draft notices to the armed forces – allegedly with the purpose to frighten off organizers and participants from holding March. In this regard I want to draw special attention that the right for peaceful assemblies and freedom of expression of views are guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine and the Convention on protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms for each person. Realization of these rights and freedoms has to be effectively ensured not only in that case when the persons having this right express the views accepted for the majority but also when the stated views are unpopular, can shock or cause concern in society", – the Representative of the Commissioner Mr. Mykhailo Chaplyga informed.

Commenting on current situation, Mr. Mykhailo Chaplyga called inadmissible any discrimination, including on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, while realizing by people of these rights and freedoms, and also incentive to such discrimination, and furthermore violence.

"I urge all to refrain from rash, aggressive and provocative statements relatively Equality March. I will remind whereas the right for a freedom of speech extends on negative or sharply critical remarks of rather certain public processes or the phenomena, this right doesn't protect the unreasonable offensive statements humiliating human honor and dignity, incentives to discrimination and hostility", – Mr. Mykhailo Chaplyga noted, having added that realization by people of the rights and freedoms can never be "not at the right time".

The Representative of the Commissioner for Human Rights on behalf of Office of the Ombudsman urged local authorities and law enforcement bodies not to look for justifications, and instead to find resources and to make every effort for prevention of forcing of a situation around holding of Equality March, to ensure effective safety for participants of March from possible acts of physical aggression from opponents, and as a result – effective realization by them of the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine.