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Monday, 18 May, 12:10, 2015

The report of human rights defense activists "Human rights in Ukraine 2014" - a striking example of effective cooperation of the public and Office of the Ombudsman

Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska declared this thesis after publication of the report "Human rights in Ukraine 2014" 74 experts of human rights organizations from all regions of Ukraine took part in its preparation. According to her, the report provides a professional assessment of observance by the state of human rights in the conditions of armed conflict, an economic crisis and large-scale processes of reforming and is essential addition to the Annual report of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights on the observance of human and citizen's rights and freedoms.

Wednesday, 13 May, 14:07, 2015

Mr. Yuriy Bielousov: "The main reason of danger for persons who are in places of detention in the East of Ukraine – self-removal of the leadership of bodies of the central executive power"

The Representative of the Commissioner – the head of Department for realization of the national preventive mechanism focused attention on this issues of participants of a briefing "Places of detention in the anti-terrorist operation zone: problems of evacuation and safety of people in front-line Mariupol" which was held in the Crisis media center.

Tuesday, 12 May, 14:05, 2015

Human rights defense activists collected the facts of religious prosecutions in the occupied Donbass

The international partnership for human rights (Brussels) together with human rights organization "Center of Civil Liberties" and with assistance of PO "Institute of Religious Freedom" prepared the detailed analysis of a religious situation in the occupied Donbass.

Friday, 08 May, 16:44, 2015

The Representative of the Ombudsman will follow observance of the rights of Ukrainians in the Russian Federation

At the initiative of public organization "Avtomaydan Kyiv" and considering necessity of strengthening of protection of the rights of citizens of Ukraine in the Russian Federation, Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska entrusted the famous Russian public figure and the human rights defense activist Mr. Vladimir Shreydler to be her representative in the Russian Federation on a voluntary basis.

Thursday, 07 May, 16:50, 2015

Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska: "More than a year is passed from the moment of events at the Maidan, however essential changes in methods of work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs didn't happen"

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights commented the situation connected with detention of the minors suspected of commission of armed attack on employees of militia on the night of May 4.

Thursday, 07 May, 16:48, 2015

Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska: "The important step for improvement of system of movement of people in the anti-terrorist operation zone was made"

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights declared this thesis during a telemarathon "Ukraine above all" on air of "the 5th channel".