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Wednesday, 07 February, 13:30, 2018

Another 20 prisoners have been transferred from the so-called ʽDonetsk Peopleʼs Rebublicʼ (ʽDPRʼ) to the territory under the control of the Government of Ukraine

Commissioner for Human Rights Ms. Valerіyа Lutkovska has carried out the tenth transfer of Ukrainian prisoners from places of the deprivation of liberty on the territory of the so-called ʽDPRʼ.

Monday, 05 February, 16:30, 2018

The level of trust in the institution of the Commissioner for Human Rights has doubled

It was noted by Ms. Lyudmila Yankinа, Head of the Information Center for Human Rights, at the press conference ʽChallenges and priorities in the activities of the Office of the Ombudsman for 2018-2020ʼ which was held today at the ʽGlavkomʼ Information Agency.

Thursday, 25 January, 16:15, 2018

Ms. Olena Smirnova: “We appreciate the practical help of the Twinning Projectʼs experts in performing control over protection of personal data”

This was emphasized by the Deputy Head of the Office of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights at the seminar: “Strengthening the capacity of the institution of the Ukrainian Ombudsman: new methodologies and practices to conduct monitoring of human rights observance”.

Thursday, 18 January, 19:15, 2018

Ms. Valeria Lutkovska: “Our priority is to release all illegally detained citizens of Ukraine”

Ms. Valeriia Lutkovska stated this at the conclusion of the meeting of the humanitarian subgroup of the Trilateral Contact Group on the Peaceful Settlement of the conflict in Donbas, which took place in Minsk today.

Monday, 15 January, 16:00, 2018

Ms. Valeriia Vutkovska wants to meet Ukrainian border guards detained in Lefortovo pretrial detention center

After her meeting with close relatives of border guards Mr. Ihor Dziubak and Mr. Bohdan Martson detained in Lefortovo pretrial detention center Ms. Valeriia Lutkovska addressed to the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Mr. Tetiana Moskalkova asking her to check alleged violations of their rights.

Friday, 12 January, 16:45, 2018

The Commissioner for Human Rights keeps under control the issue of the safety of children living on the territory of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO)

In response to the act of submission of the Commissioner for Human Rights on taking safety measures aimed at protection of life and health of the children that live and study on the territory of ATO the Department for Education and Science of Donetsk Regional State Administration (DRSA) informed the Commissioner about its activities to implement preventive safety measures as regards participants of the educational process.